The New Rochelle Council on The Arts has been a main cultural resource for the 70,000 citizens of the city of New Rochelle and many thousands more in Westchester County for over 30 years. Founded in 1975 and chartered by the State of New York, it is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing cultural events, art exhibitions and educational programs of many kinds to the public. All of the events listed on this page were created by Thea Eichler, veteran arts activist and program chairman of the New Rochelle Council on the Arts.

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You are cordially invited to visit our exhibition

(Luminous Beauty)

A Show of Vintage Photographs of Notable Women by
distinguished photojournalist and celebrity photographer

March 3rd - March 31st
The New Rochelle Library
1 Library Plaza, New Rochelle, NY <

   This exhibition contains over 50 original vintage photos of famous women in film, stage theatre, music, the visual arts, publishing and more that Vaccaro has taken over the years for Flair, Life, Look, The Ladies' Home Journal, Travel & Leisure, Venture and dozens of other popular U. S. and international publications, such as the photo on the left of artist Georgia O'Keeffe for Look magazine in 1960.

     Although Vaccaro's famous photos of WWII and of The World Trade Center have been seen in Westchester in previous exhibitions, this is his first show in Westchester County, NY of his photos of famous women.

More information about this show and a list of the photos in the exhibition can be accessed as a PDF document on our Read More page. Hard copy photos are available to the media by calling 212-260-9240, and library hours for the show are posted at The New Rochelle Library website, (or phone the library at 914-632-7878). Our flyer for the show as a PDF is available on our invitation flyer page that you are invited to download, print out and post for all your friends and associates. To see a sample of some of the photos in the show visit the Vaccaro Sample Photographs Page, where you can also see some recent photos of the exhibition itself. On March 12th we posted photos taken at the March 9th reception for show that you can see by visiting our Reception Photos Page.

Over 200 guests
attended our reception for

View of the entrance to the show. Exhibition design, installation & photos by Joe Dolice.

Sunday, March 18, 2007
at The New Rochelle Library.

         The classic George M. Cohan tune Forty-Five Minutes From Broadway refers to New Rochelle. In truth, the proximity of New Rochelle to the entertainment capital, New York City, has made it the home of many hugely successful members of the entertainment industry.

          This year, the New Rochelle Council on The Arts created an exhibit honoring a wonderful group of composers of popular music who have been residents of our city.

         Working backwards through the 20th century, Alan Menken (a graduate of New Rochelle High School Class of 1967) has been the composer of such Disney mega hits as Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas and The Little Mermaid. Alan is the most recent member of a string of composers who have lived here and have written songs that America took to its heart.

         Jerry Bock wrote the music for Fiddler on The Roof, with its lovely Sunrise, Sunset. Peter DeRose wrote Deep Purple while sitting in a New Rochelle garden, Robert Allen composed Home For The Holidays and Chances Are in this leafy town.

         Most particularly, the Glen Island Casino hosted a ravishing collection of bands such as Glen Miller, Tommy Dorsey and Benny Goodman. In the dawning years of radio the bands played music that was heard coast to coast. This was an era before World War II, before Rock 'n' Roll, and before two hundred television channels. The pleasures of popular music were beamed from this lovely location, Glen Island. Thus the solid relationship of great music makers and the City of New Rochelle were to be forever linked.

--Thea Eichler

          Music Makers at The New Rochelle Council on The Arts ran from March 3rd to March 29th and is now available to travel. For information contact us by email or phone Thea Eichler at 914-632-3990 or Joe Dolice at 212-260-9240 for details.

Alan  Menken

Jerry  Bock 

Peter  DeRose

Robert  Allen

       The panel above, with information on Alan Menken, famous Broadway musical songwriter, is only one of a dozen in the show. Other New Rochelle songwriters whose lived and worked here and who are honored in the exhibition include Jerry Bock, Peter DeRose and Robert Allen (shown above) and J. Fred Coots, Guy Davis, Paul Klein, Don McLean, Branford Marsalis, Claude Thornhill and Paul Whiteman; as well as a section in the exhibition on famous Glen Island Casino, an important birthplace for jazz in Westchester County.

To read about each of these music makers, visit our
Music Makers Biographies Page.

EDITORS: Full text of the press release for Music Makers
can be found on our newswire service page for this event. Hi-res photos are available by contacting us by email.


            Major past events of the NRCA have included the publication of a community calendar; and dozens of lecture, performance, theatrical, educational and other important cultural events. Among our art exhibitions, of particular note over the years have been:

1981 � A month-long exhibition of original oil paintings, sketches and other original works by Norman Rockwell, who lived and worked for a number of years in New Rochelle, and who used his friends and neighbors there as his models. Over thirty original Rockwell paintings were included in the exhibition, loaned from a number of major New York City galleries. A complete suite of original Saturday Evening Post covers from the Rockwell Society of America,and a photographic essay on Rockwell�s life accompanied the exhibition. The show highlighted a full week of celebrations and events in the city centering on the artist�s life and work, including a benefit dress ball with theatrical performances featuring tableaux of costumed artists posing as figures in the famous paintings from the exhibition.

1982 � An exhibition of original cels and other art from Terrytoons, which had its home in New Rochelle, was featured in a major exhibition for the public. Educational and entertainment events about the creation of cartoon films and features were held for students from the community school systems and other visitors.

1984 � An historical exhibition spanning three centuries in honor of Black History Month featured giant reproductions of some 200 photographs of the first African Americans in New Rochelle. Events such as the involvement of New Rochelle in the Underground Railroad, the history of the integration of the school system, and other educational and performance programs were created. Works were exhibited that had been borrowed from the Schaumberg Library in Harlem, from The New Rochelle Historical Society, the Thomas Paine Cottage and Museum and from other sources.

1984What Makes Us Laugh was a month-long exhibition of original cartoon work on loan from the Museum of Cartoon Art and other sources. It traced the work of such historic cartoon strips as the Toonerville Trolley, which had its origins in New Rochelle; and the work of Chic Young and Blondie, Maggie & Jiggs, as well as a great deal of other original manuscript material, with educational programs and events accompanying the exhibition.

1988 � The NRCA held a major celebration of the work of artist/sculptor Frederic Remington, who made his home in New Rochelle for a number of years. Over 20 original works by the artist were on loan from the Remington Museum in Ogdensburg, NY; and from other private collections, including the Rockefeller Foundation in New York City. A giant photographic essay on the artist�s life was part of the show, and an educational lecture series in the life and work of the artist accompanied the exhibition.

1989 � 1997 Many one-man and group shows of original works by both world-famous and local artists were held during these years. Included were Perspectives on Paper (1989) featuring the graphic art of Adato, Arike, Schwartz and Perlmutter; Art of the Portrait (1993) with photographs by Anthony Vaccaro and watercolors by Tony Parisi; The Photography Show of over 30 original photographs by Roman Vishniac, Arthur Rothstein and Tony Vaccaro; Women in the Arts, Major Latin American Artists and a dozen other exhibitions featured artists of every possible description. An exhibition of art by students from twelve Westchester high school systems, Focus on Imagination was also a major exhibition during this period, bringing to light the accomplishments of outstanding K-12 student artists in the Westchester School Systems, as was a biographical exhibition on Arturo Toscanini, who had his home in New Rochelle, and a major reunion of many musicians who had been members of the Maestro's orchestras.


Vintage NY at Library

1998 � In celebration of the joining of New York City�s five boroughs into one great metropolis in 1898, the NRCA assembled a collection of over 100 etchings, engravings and photographs from private collections, museums and publications such as Harper�s and Leslie�s magazines from the 19th and early 20th centuries, and presented these as a chronicle of New York City�s past 100-year history -- Vintage New York. An illustrated catalog was published, containing a list of all the pictures in the exhibition; and the show traveled to other venues in Westchester County; to The Montauk Artist's Association Depot Gallery in Montauk, Long Island; parts of it were at Art Expo and Decor Expos at Javits Center in New York City, and it was at The Oakeside Bloomfield Cultural Center in New Jersey. It was shown at Hofstra Museum for six months in 1999, and at Grand Terminal Gallery in Manhattan in June 2003, and at Grace Institute in New York City in October through December 2003.

Vintage New York is available for loan in at no charge to museums, art galleries and other interested organizations. Over twenty pictures from the exhibition can be seen here, courtesy of the New York website.

2001 � A spring art festival was held in the newly created public park adjacent to the New Rochelle Library where the exhibitions are held; and next to the newly constructed 22-story business/apartment complex serving commuters to New York City. It was sponsored by the NRCA and featured local artists and their work. Over thirty artists participated, and hundreds of visitors attended the event.


Opening at Fabulous Fakes 1
Opening at Fabulous Fakes 2 Opening at Fabulous Fakes 3

2001 -- For six weeks from October 19th through November 30th, 2001 the NRCA presented a special exhibition on the subject of art forgery entitled Fabulous Fakes. In addition to a pictorial history of the subject; the Council asked 20 artists each to create an actual original work of art in the style of a great old or modern master, from Vermeer to Warhol, as representative of forgery in the arts. Over a hundred images and narrative material was also shown on the history and methods of art forgery over the years. This part of the exhibition, entitled A History of Art Forgery is also available now as a separate free traveling exhibition. A benefit sale of replica antiquarian and old master prints accompanied the show. Over a dozen of the original "forgeries" created by NRCA artists can be seen here, and the History of Art Forgery exhibition is now on the web here, these pages courtesy of

A CD-ROM of A History of Art Forgery was produced and is now available to art and educational organizations for educational purposes only from the NRCA at no charge except for disk replication and postage. For more information on how to get one, email us.


2003 -- In October and November the NRCA presented 33 realist historical paintings and portraits by painter, muralist and illustrator Alton S. Tobey, who was a lifetime resident of nearby Larchmont, New York. Paintings included some created for Life magazine, illustrations for The Golden Book History of The United States and the portraits. Although Tobey was best known as an illustrator, his major body of work was modern. A future more comprehensive traveling retrospective exhibition of Tobey's work, containing many of his modern paintings that have never been exhibited before, is planned for the future. For information on this exhibition, contact us by email. Since Tobey's death in early 2005, a website containing over 400 of his paintings, including his modern Fragments, Latin and Curvilinear works can be seen at


2004 -� More than 100 photographs created by the award-wining international photojournalist Anthony Vaccaro were featured in a one-man retrospective exhibition of his work done over some 40 years at the Iona Art Gallery at Iona College in New Rochelle, in October and November. Many of the original photos that he took between 1944 and 1949 during the war were from his book Entering Germany(above), published by Taschen GmbH in 2001 (ISBN: 3-8228-5908-7). A number of his more recent photographs were also included in the exhibition.


2004 -- On September 26th of the same year, the NRCA held an invitational meeting of artists, writers, theatrical performers and other residents of New Rochelle who are active professionals in the arts, at The New Rochelle Rowing Club. Over 200 people attended and met and exchanged views on the state of the arts in New Rochelle and the Westchester NY community. The photo above shows key members of the NRCA and artists assembled around a montage of just a few dozen of the hundreds of announcements and invitations to its events that the NRCA has sponsored in the course of its 30-year history.


2005 -� In March, some 50 paintings, the creative work of teachers from the New Rochelle school system who are also professional practicing artists were exhibited to acquaint the public with their personal creative work. This exhibition, entitled Artists 11 was held in the Lumen Winter Gallery at the New Rochelle Public Library.


2005 -� The same year, the NRCA published their Directory of New Rochelle Artists, Writers, Musicians and Performers for the community containing over 300 names, addresses and other contact information of individuals in the arts in the city who are involved and interested in its activities. The 40 page perfect-bound book has been distributed to members of the business community, schools and governmental officials, as well as to the artists themselves. the book is available for $10 by contacting the NRCA by email.

2006 -- An estimated 300 guests attended the March 12th reception for the NRCA's March 4-31 exhibition of over 60 limited edition 3-D creations and other art by the internationally famous Master of 3-D Pop Art


Charles Fazzino - "The Apple is Manhattan"

Charles Fazzino has had his studio and publishing company, Museum Editions, Ltd. in downtown New Rochelle for many years, and had one of his first one-man exhibitions at the New Rochelle Library art gallery. In addition to the artwork, over two dozen photos of him at many international events in which he has participated as well as photos of him with past U. S. presidents and personalities in political life, the arts and sports were on display.

The artist generously donated "New Orleans and All That Jazz", one of his best-known 3-D works to the show with all proceeds from its sale to go to Habitat for Humanity of Westchester; and a portion of all proceeds from the sale of his other art at the exhibition went to benefit The New Rochelle Public Library. More information on the event can be found at the links below:

The Journal News March 11, 2006 "Eye-popping Artist Reclaims New Rochelle Roots" article about the show (requires subscription)
Read our media release & see some of the artwork in the exhibition
Vist the fazzino website to see dozens of Fazzino's creations

2006 -- in June of this year The New Rochelle Council on The Arts was pleased to participate in the sponsorship of FUSION, the new exhibition at New Rochelle�s MEDIA LOFT that opened June 24th, featuring work by Leonardo Contreras �02 (mural of diverse heritages, House 1, NRHS) and George Mutschler, �02, recently graduated from The Fashion Institute of Technology. The opening reception was held at the Media Loft Gallery, 50 Webster Avenue, New Rochelle on Saturday, June 24th from 4 to 8 p.m.

            David Patterson �86, (New Rochelle Jazz Nights) and his provided music for the opening reception. To see a full screen wide version of the poster for the exhibition (in PDF format) just click on the smaller image above. Once you have viewed it, use your browser's "back" button to return to this page. Thank you.

            All of the exhibitions above were held in the Lumen Winter Gallery of the architectural award-winning New Rochelle Library, in its 3000 square foot lobby, recently renovated. The NRCA has also sponsored dozens of concerts, theater, dance, film, lecture and other programs in the library�s 200-seat theater, and art exhibitions and other events within the city and county school systems, at New Rochelle City Hall, and at theaters, concert halls, colleges, and at other art centers throughout the community.

            All activities of the New Rochelle Council on The Arts, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, are open to the public and are free of charge. Sponsors of these events have included The New York State Council on the Arts, the Westchester Arts Council, The Smart Family Foundation, the Michael and Helen Schaffer Foundation, Republic Bank, The Halpern Foundation, The New York State Deptartment of Parks, Recreation and Conservation, Viacom, Texaco, Fleet Bank, The Bank of America, The Ginsburg Foundation, The Musicians Trust Fund, The City of New Rochelle and many local businesses and private individuals.

            The NRCA welcomes inquiries from organizational, corporate or educational institutions regarding sponsorship, traveling exhibitions and participation in our events. For more information, send us an email.


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